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Buying Guide for Physical Silver


What You Need To Know When Buying Silver


Welcome to our online silver buying guide, where you can learn how to buy silver. The guide contains silver buying tips and show how to buy physical silver online.


Why Should I Buy Silver?


Silver is a precious metal. According to the Silver Institute, silver demand hit a record in 2013 . This demand was driven by a 76% year over year increase in silver coins and bars. Since silver is also widely used in the growing electronics and solar energy industry many believe that the demand for silver will remain strong.

Silver is also considered to be an inflation hedge against the Federal Reserve’s multi-year multi-trillion dollar printing program called quantitative easing and its zero interest rate policy.


Silver Buying Tips


What Type of Silver Should I Buy?


There are a wide variety of choices when buying silver.

These choices can be divided into physical silver and paper silver.

Physical silver can take the form of silver bullion and silver coins issued by sovereign governments, such as Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint, Australia.

Silver can also be purchased as junk silver, silver rounds, silver bars, hand poured silver, and numismatic silver. Both collectors and investors alike tend to purchase either bullion (bought in bulk) or graded silver which carries a numismatic value. Physical silver can be stored and gives the added security of being in the purchasers possession unlike Paper silver which can take the form of certificates, ETF's and shares.

The attraction of paper silver is that it is secured by a third party and you do not have to worry about securing it. This is also its downfall as you do not really own it if it has a third party liability. Some companies offer a non bank physical storage option. This works out to be quite good for many people. However in a worse case scenario you may not be able to get to your silver.

Having some physical silver on hand can never be beat. Yoou are responsible for its security. The reason you have got it in the first place is as a hedge in a worse case scenario.