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collection coins   Numismatic Training 

4779 has created an excellent training package for customers who have registered for our Business Opportunity. We have covered all aspects from a beginners level to Advanced.

We will cover all areas from Brilliant Uncirculated coins to Grading, how to identify using the Sheldon Scale and discover the global leaders in the industry. Now is an exciting time in the industry with exciting things happening.


social media    Digital Marketing & Sales

We understand the importance of Marketing & Sales in todays digital world, hence why we train our people to understand the concept, how to use it in business and provide the tools required to excel in this area.At 4779 Ltd we're connected! Our team of social guru's have provided an excellent training platform to ensure your business strives. Log onto our site, look around and come speak to one of our business mentors or catch up on-line to discuss how we can help you succeed.

social networking

How can I be successful? ........

Social Networking

At 4779 Ltd, we not only offer you excellent training facilities, we offer a one to one business mentoring service which will teach you the business inside & out before you get involved. Our networking model will provide you with daily leads and a product that is high in demand.

Legal Legal 

At 4779 Ltd we want you to have confidence in us when it comes to getting it right and a good place to start is been legitimate. Our training in this area is based on Consumer Law, Data Protection, the Direct selling Code and to comply with U.K Trading Standards. This is to ensure that you and your business is protected.