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Trading Standards

The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) is a professional association which represents trading standards professionals working in local authorities, business and consumer sectors and in central government in the UK and overseas.

The government believes that consumers who are well-informed about their rights and what they’re buying are more confident and more likely to spend money well, getting better deals or buying new goods and services. This rewards those businesses who are good at responding to what consumers want and helps stimulate growth.

The government wants to give consumers more confidence - and legal back-up - to deal with bad service or shoddy goods. Through clear, modern legislation they also want to help consumers and their advocates have a better understanding of their rights.


Misleading and aggressive selling

Misleading selling

Misleading selling is when a seller or manufacturer doesn’t tell you the truth about something you’re buying. For example, a mobile phone shop assistant tells you a network’s coverage is good in your area, but when you take out a contract you find out it’s actually poor.

Aggressive selling

Aggressive selling is when a seller pressures you into buying something you don’t want. This could happen when, for example, a seller refuses to leave your home unless you buy their product.

If you think you have been misleadingly or aggressively sold something, please contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0845 4 04 05 05.

Misleading and aggressive practices are already against the law. Even so, we recognise that it’s difficult for a private consumer to get compensation when they’ve been missold a product in this way.