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4779 has put together a number of resources to help inform you and give you a clearer understanding of the world we are living in today. These resources are a combination of third party content and our own. We do this in an effort to give you a wide perspective on the nature of money and currency in relation to precious metals.

The third party information that we have put together is freely available on the internet via Youtube. More content is added every week. We have experts from Kitco, GATA and many other sources. Including Robert Kyosaki and Mike Maloney.

Our intention is not to convince you of the need to own precious metals as any savvy financial advisor will openly recommend that a small percentage of your investment portfolio be in precious metals.

Our intention is to present to you the argument for owning it physically that has already been made by these third parties.

We also present you with insights into 4779 and a few short tutorials on the products that we carry.

We do hope that you not only enjoy going through the resources but you are also able to learn something as well